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We offer high-quality care, education, and a balanced environment for children to learn and grow.
The facility is well-equipped and designed to encourage exploration, creativity, and social interaction.  Our curriculum focuses on early childhood education, covering subjects like language, math, science, art, and music. Safety is a priority, with controlled access to the classrooms and surveillance cameras.
Nutritious meals and snacks are provided, taking into consideration dietary requirements and allergies. Flexible scheduling options, including full-day and half-day programs, accommodate working parents. Little Sprouts Moshi’s aims to support the cognitive, motor, social, and emotional development of children.


Our babysitting service is the answer to the childcare needs of busy parents and travelers. Our reliable and professional babysitters provide top-notch care for children of all ages in the comfort of at our well designed facility in Moshi. With a focus on safety and engagement, you can trust that  your children will be well-cared for while you attend to your commitments. We offer  peace of mind and convenience, making parenting a little bit easier while you are in Moshi.


Little Sprouts Moshi goes the extra mile to provide a variety of engaging events and activities for kids. We organize themed parties, arts and crafts sessions, and day tours to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. Outdoor playtime promotes physical development and social interaction. Special holiday events create memorable experiences, celebrating occasions like Christmas. Safety is a priority, with trained staff overseeing all activities.
Little Sprouts Moshi’s events and activities offer children a chance to make friends, develop social skills, and have a rewarding and enjoyable time in their care.


Little Sprouts Moshi welcomes both local residents and foreigners to volunteer and make a positive impact on the lives of children. As a daycare and babysitting facility, we offer rewarding opportunities for individuals who are passionate about working with kids. Volunteers should have a genuine love for children, patience, and a nurturing demeanor. Experience in childcare or early childhood education is highly valued. Responsibilities may include assisting with activities, engaging children in play and learning, and providing additional support to the professional staff. Little Sprouts Moshi values the dedication and commitment of volunteers in creating a safe and enriching environment for the children under their care.

Little Sprouts

Your  trusted daycare and babysitting facility dedicated to providing a safe, stimulating, and educational environment for children. Our experienced caregivers, engaging activities, and commitment to children’s growth make us the ideal choice for parents seeking quality care for their little ones.


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